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Industrial: We offer a 24 hour service back up to some of the most complicated process cooling plants in the greater Durban area. It's our passion to keep these plants running at their optimum level to keep production going. We practise rather a preventative approach rather than a reactive one as our vast experience in this field has proven that is more cost effective to the client. These plants require specialised and experienced qualified technicians. Our standard is of the highest level. We do all calibration of instrumentation related to the production, programming of large PLCS, designing and building of the control panels required to run these plants. 


Commercial: With a large portfolio of commercial high rise offices and retail buildings in central town including some housing high profile government offices, including SARS head office and Department of Human settlement. We have staff working on preventative maintenance at these sites daily. We design and install new chilled water plants offering energy saving options to clients.


Hotels: We look after Coastlands Hotel Group portfolio offering 24 hour backup service, breakdown and preventative maintenance. 


Shopping centres and retail: Our retail customer base include shopping malls, Car dealerships, and large retail destinations like the new Makro in Cornubia. 


Residential: From the smallest mid wall split to some of the most opulent homes using state of the art energy efficient VRV systems. After 10 years of working on high end houses we understand the needs of architects, designers and their client's to achieve the correct design by offering options that are progressive and innovative in one of the most challenging areas of our industry, ensuring personalised systems. 


Ventilation and Extraction: Offering design, installation, service and repairs of ventilation and extraction systems to Industrial, Commercial and Retail Buildings. 


Energy saving options: With the rising cost of electricity we are at the forefront of exploring new ways to save our customers money. From inverter splits, variable-refrigerant systems to the most detailed heat recovery systems we can offer. We will only give you the correct advice and design the systems within your means.