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In numerous studies it has been found that Corona type viruses can be transmitted through aerosols, fine droplets formed by
coughing and sneezing – this is why we have been instructed to wear masks.

HVAC systems are designed to move air around buildings and can have a major effect on the transmission of viruses from the
primary host to secondary hosts. These fine aerosol infected droplets can be sucked into the return air vents and blown out
into other areas of the building.

After consulting with experts, both in SA and overseas, to find the best ways to minimise the potential spread through various
types of HVAC system we have now finalised our comprehensive Infection Prevention Strategy on ways to achieve this.

All HVAC systems essentially do the same thing, but they differ vastly in the way they do it. Therefore, there is not one product
or solution that fits all. We will need to complete a study of the system in your building and tailor our solution to best service.


For more comprihensive information on the prevention of spreading COVID-19 and the products we use please visit :

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